Testimonial #8

"Mastering experience at Anchor mastering lab is & has been a great experience; no complaint out of 100 mastering done only two had to be redone.  I am 100% satisfied with the quality of the mastering over the past four years and to top it all most of my hits were mastered @ Anchor.  Anything for me to do with mastering inJamaicais done at Anchor.

My experience with Anchor is not about the quality but the sound to compete with the bass and not a lot of mastering room can have the balance between the bright and keeps that pounding bass which is important in our music and comes with years and a lot of experience.

Although quality is important but the right sound that I want is more important to my Productions.  I have my own studio that I can do mastering but I leave to go to Anchor for that unique sound."

Robert Livingston – Producer Jamaica, USA, UK

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