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Online Mastering & Mixing

"You have recorded what you know is some awesome,chart topping music, but you need it to have that authentic Jamaican sound. The short can be done by the BEST without you visiting Jamaica.

Wherever in the world you are, just send the file via this website, we can mix and master your music and give you the best and the cleanest Jamaican sound at the world renowned Anchor Recording Studios, in Kingston Jamaica owned and operated by Gussie Clarke, a household name in Jamaican music, known for producing hits with the authentic Jamaican sound of the 80's. We are the first and only online mastering facility in Jamaica. You can read our testimonials and listen to our "before and after audio samples".

How It Works

Anchor specializes exclusively in mixing, mastering and remixing all forms of Jamaican music including Mento, Ska, Rock Steady, Reggae and Dancehall to deliver the authentic Jamaican Sound in every master.

Anchor Studios’ mastering engineer has over 20 years of experience in critical listening to ensure corrective equalization and dynamic enhancement in order to improve sound translation on all playback systems. Anchor utilizes the latest in digital technology while embracing the analog signal processing inherent with traditional mastering.

Anchor’s dedicated mastering studio is equipped with the largest arsenal of analog and digital pro audio plug-ins and up to date software available to ensure the finest production quality.

Master your recording is a critical component in the production process and Anchor has earned a reputation of providing quality products consistently.


Whether you are traveling to Jamaica or producing remotely, Anchor can support your team in achieving its goals at every stage of the production process from concept to finish including recording | mixing | mastering | remixes | cd/dvd duplication.


With over 40 years of experience in world class production of Jamaican music using analog and digital technology, the professionals at Anchor know the ins and outs of making music for a global audience.


The Jamaican sound has distinguished itself over the past 50 years as a global phenomenon and international artistes and producers from Gentleman to Matisyahu have traveled to Anchor in Jamaica to capture its authentic feel.