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Free Revisions

If requested within seven (7) days after the original Mastering/Mixing was done, you are entitled to two (2) no charge revisions of the originally submitted Audio files.

Secure Payment

You can make payments directly via the website, or request a PayPal invoice.

Turnaround time

Our normal turnaround time is within 24 Hours Monday - Friday

Stem Mastering

Get supercharged with Stem Mastering!
What is Stem Mastering you ask?
Instead of a single stereo file, Stem mastering uses a separate high resolution file for each instrument group. So, for example you could have a file for drums, keyboards, bass, guitars and vocals.
This adds more precision and flexibility to the mastering process providing you with optimal quality for your master.


minimum per song

using Anchor Engineers
*When we mix your track it is mastered free of charge


per mix
(Stereo Audio files only)


Stem Mastering

per track