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Delroy "Fatta" Pottinger

Delroy Pottinger - Anchor Engineer Fatta started working with Anchor in 1993 through to 1997. After taking time to work on personal projects and tour, he returned to Anchor in 2000 and has been there since. Fatta is also referred to as "The Pirate" because of his laid back, easy going style; nothing gets him riled up, absolutely nothing. 90% of Anchor's Japanese clientele request The Pirate for all their recording sessions. He is said to have the most patience of any professional they have ever worked with.

In addition to a large Jamaican client base, Fatta is the Anchor engineer with the widest international clientèle. A small sample of the notable artists Fatta has worked with are Sinead O'Connor, Fugees, Big Mountain, Third World, Matisyahu, Jimmy Cliff, Steele Pulse, Pushim.

Fatta has been involved in the music industry since 1987 when he debuted as a selector on Arrows International sound. From that point on he began dabbling in audio engineering and started his own record label, Phat Trax.